Sat 8th June 2024 on the Green

Our Aims

Our aim is to build on the community spirit for every age group inclusive and promote the want to succeed through involving all. We particularly see the younger element of the village key to achieving this for its evolution.

Our vision is

  • Large community event incorporating individuals and groups, so they continue to support each other in the future.
  • To build on the community spirit and recognise some may need help and that its OK to ask, evident from the pandemic generally. (5 NHS Steps to wellbeing).
  • To promote inclusivity in our community and provide opportunities for all residents to work and play together mixing age groups.
  • To enhance opportunities for the people of Woodchurch to build relationships, volunteer and be involved with one another, in coaching and learning new skills.
  • To support local businesses and bring revenue into the village. 
  • To promote Woodchurch in the widest possible sense thus encouraging visitors and making it an even more desirable place to live and visit.
  • To raise funds for local groups working for the benefit of the community of Woodchurch. 
  • To have fun!

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