Stalls and Displays - All the fun of the fair

What fun would a carnival be without its stalls?

We all like to try our skills at the coconut shy, bat-the-rat, and guess the number of sweets in the jar. Carnival 22 will have all of these and many more!! There will also be places to buy your favourite food and drink and to marvel at spectacular displays.

Why not help to run a stall –  Support your community and, yes, have fun at this year’s Carnival. This is your opportunity to suggest a stall or select one to run from the list. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual; organised group or local business wanting to join us and make this year’s Carnival a great success.

Local Clubs and Societies – This is the perfect opportunity for you to let everyone know what you are about and for attracting new members.

Charities and special interest groups – Why not register for a stall, where you can share your passions and expertise with the public. Are you fundraising for a recognised cause or charity? Do you make jewelry? keep bees? own a stationary engine or unusual vehicle? Are you into pottery, glass blowing or taxidermy? Book your stall now and help inspire others.

Commercial and Catering – If you would like to advertise or sell items** at the Carnival then book your pitch now. If you are a mobile caterer then we would also love to hear from you.

All you have to do is complete an application using the form that best describes you or your organisation. How easy is that !

You can have more than one stall. Either select one of our suggested stall options when completing the form – or suggest an idea of your own

How to apply to run a stall or concession
This year we have split the types of stall into the following categories
  • Fun – A stall for all the family that is designed for entertainment. Any money raised will go towards supporting the general Carnival causes
  • Club / Society – A stall organised by a recognised Woodchurch  club or society. A donation will be made to the Carnival causes and the remainder will be retained by themselves
  • Registered Charity – Registered charities will be permitted to attend at no cost, at the discretion of the Carnival committee
  • Commercial ** – An organisation that is external to the village who is wanting to participate in the Carnival. Costs will depend on pitch size
  • Catering concession – The provision of food, drink or other refreshments. If you are an external caterer who would like to participate in the event please contact us for pricing. We will restrict the number of each type of concession accepted and the provision by local clubs or societies will be prioritised

** Please note that “boot fair” style stalls will only be permitted by specific invitation from the Carnival Committee. 

Please note that registrations for Carnival 2024 are not yet open. Please keep checking this page nearer to the Carnival date to see when registration opens.

How to apply to organise a display in the main Arena

The Carnival day will include a number of displays and contests within the main arena to entertain the public. If you have a display, team event or contest that you think will be entertaining or educational please register.

Which of these are your favourite stalls?
  • Hoopla
  • Coconut Shy
  • Tombola
  • Football/Beat the goalie
  • Wet Sponge
  • Brake the plates
  • Guess the number of sweets in a jar
  • Name the Doll/Teddy
  • Pick a lucky straw
  • Face painting
  • Bran Tub
  • White Elephant stall
  • Cake stall
  • Throw a dart for a prize
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Play your cards right
  • Fortune Teller
  • Bowling for a chicken

Or have we missed it ???