Sat 8th June 2024 on the Green

D-Day Plane

The primary reason for building this was to commemorate the D Day landings and to remember those who gave their all.

The plane will go on view for the first time on the morning of the 1st June 2024. The plane will also be on display at the Carnival and on the 6th June (See the timetable below) the plane being on show would enable people in the village to attach poppies, many knitted by people in the village, some from friends outside the village, people can also attach the flags donated by Woodchurch Remembers; attach other items from various bodies / clubs in the village. All of this to remember the brave people who gave their lives. We must never forget them.

The idea is to raise funds for Woodchurch Remembers ( Who donated the flags) – The Carnival ( Any donations made to be donated to various local causes decided by the Carnival Committee) and Woodchurch Village Shed, who built it.

Please feel free to make a donation in the box attached to the frame.