Sat 8th June 2024 on the Green

Please upload photos of Carnival 2022 here!!!  What a fantastic day we had.  We want to preserve your photos as part of Woodchurch Carnival history to allow others to enjoy looking back on them in ….20…30…40 years time!

A small selection of uploaded photos from Carnival 2022!!!  

Click HERE to view all the uploaded photos from Carnival 2022 – don’t forget to add some of yours for all to enjoy!

What’s New and Other News

Thank you for a amazing prizes for the winning programme number 278.  It was claimed on Carnival Day.

Thank you to all who donated such brilliant prizes and to all who bought tickets.

All prize winners have been notified.

Please help to make Carnival 24 a success and plan to register!!

We were honoured

Photos from previous Carnivals.

7.6.22 Update
Good morning!   Feeling a little bit better now, recovered and rehydrated a bit now.  I just really have to make this the last video for quite a while now.  
The legacy of what we did last weekend is great but what we need to do now is think about the future and how we can carry on with this legacy and move it forward.  
There are a couple of messages I want to get out – the Carnival itself was not about making money.  It wasn’t about ripping people off.  It was about brining the community together and our neighbours in other areas and allowing them to express joy and thanks and have a good time in a safe environment where we can mix.   Me and a couple of other members, Alan being one, were very happy when we had youngsters coming up and talking to us.  People we have probably crossed paths with in the day to day but because of ages we hadn’t spoken.  Yet we had youngsters coming up and talking about the day and that was great because that was what it was all about.  
As I’ve said before, it cost about £14,000 to put that on and without the grants and all the money we were given we would not have been able to do that and we would not have been able to subsidise it as much as we did and things would have been a lot dearer, so that is something we need to think about in the future as well.  
There is only really one person to thank for this and that is not me, it is the Queen.   Without her reigning for 70 years and her Platinum Jubilee we would not have had a benchmark to do it, we would probably tried to do it but we had a lot of people behind us who wanted to enjoy the same thing.
As I said it wasn’t about making money but we did make money.  There were some really good avenues where we managed to do that and that was through the thanks of people and as I said yesterday, there are still more people to thank, and if I do miss you out today, it’s not because we’re not thinking about you, it’s just because we’ve got to thank every single person and we’re going to do that and we’re going to do that in different ways.  So please do not feel that I’m leaving out someone or anything like that because I got a few messages like that yesterday.
There was so many good things going on and so many people put their hearts and minds in it.  Particularly one of the good things was the raffle and the amount of prizes there and June and Cherry really put their hearts and souls into that and made all those prizes come through and I’m sure they had people behind them that I’ve not mentioned to help them through that as well.  They made a huge amount of money.   I’m not releasing money and what we made yet because we didn’t make anything but we might make enough to have a benchmark for future Carnivals but also, as we promised, to put some back into the community.
So, keep, keep smiling about the Carnival, keep sending through your photos and your comments in.  We will be doing lots more in the background to finish this year off and to look forward to the future one.  At the moment that is planned to be in two years time.
If you want to be part of the team please let us know because we have probably killed off a couple of the team who just can’t do it again because it just took so much out of them.  We need a strong team to meet the standards we met this year.  
With all that said, I hope you keep enjoying the memories and you keep on taking the fact that we have a lovely village and keep taking to people who you might not have spoken to before from any age group and we start building this village into that really strong community again, not that we haven’t got a strong community but I think there is some joining up to do.
Lots and lots of spiel there again but I thank you again for everything you’ve done in helping me get this going and it wasn’t just a one person effort so thanks again.
Have a great day and we’ll speak to you soon. Bye
26.5.22 Update 
Lots of vehicles moving around in Woodchurch on Carnival Day – take care.
There will be road closures on the Parade route which will start at 12.00 until aporoximately 1.15 when the Parade has reached the Green.
There are two car parks set up for the day: 
  • Field next to Doctor’s Surgery (Front Road, Woodchurch  TN26 3SF  For those that use What3Words:  owns.resorting.amicably) and 
  • The Jean Mealham Centre (Lower Road, Woodchurch  TN26 3SQ  For those that use What3Words:  
If you want to see the Parade you need to be in these car parks before 12.00.
There will be no parking around the Green or in the Memorial Hall.
The Parade – thank you to anyone taking part!  We have about 13 floats – walking or vehicles.  The Band of the Princess of Wales’s Military Band will be leading the Parade at 12.00.
There will be a mystery celebrity TV personality who will open the Parade at 12.00 sharp.
We would like all the floats to muster beforehand at 11.15 at the latest.  Once you get there Pat Byrne will be there as a Parade Marshal.  He will meet you and check your floats and people to ensure that they are safe to go onto the Parade.  Once that is done you will receive a certificate which will also contain all the judging information.  
There is a panel of judges who will be judging the floats and at the end of the day awards will be presented.
The route – is on the website. It goes from the school, down Front Road.  When the Parade gets to the Surgery that is an opportunity for those who can’t do the whole parade to jump on at that point (jump on point one).  The Parade then goes up Lower Road until the Jean Mealham Popin Centre which is jump on point two.  Another opportunity to join the Parade to say that you were part of the Parade even if you can’t do the whole Parade.
You must make the Carnival aware in advance if you intend to use either of the jump on points. Email or contact Pat Byrne direct.
To every resident in the village please please park your cars reasonibly, if you can all park on one side of the road or off the road, great.  Front Road and Lower Road could be the chock points so all help with cars and parking to get the Parade through.  It will only take about and hour and 15 minutes.

May Update:

The dream that we set for Woodchurch Carnival 2022 is coming like a steam train, with Hobbs Parker signs up and other posters being scattered around the village. The team have worked hard to bring a fun filled day and a lot of you are really getting into the swing for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations 4th June.We have had such a response to the day we have brought the start forward for the parade to 12:00, we have a special guest to open the start of the parade, the clue to who they are we are keeping it retro?We have so much on for all we hope to get many of you involved through the day, we are holding an Open Day in the Memorial Hall 7th May 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, why not pop in for update and see if you can volunteer some support and help?The list all of the events for the day is far too big to cover here but you can purchase souvenir programs soon with a chance to win the programme prize draw. 
The fun fair and fun stalls (including a carousal and helter skelter) will be ticketed, and tickets will soon be on sale from Hub and on the day also from the bar and information stand. The parade is really taking shape and we are honoured to have The Band of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment joining us for the day.In the band tent on The Green there will be 5 bands, Katie & Clive, the washed-up jug band, The Coffin Dodgers, Brad Pittance and the Pirates and Burst, a huge variety of music and something for everyone.

The events in the arena are still coming together, and we have some spaces if anyone wants to show off their group or organization.Woody the mascot is soon to make his entrance and you can purchase your badges from the pubs and coffee shop, all the money supports us further with the carnival.At the close of the day there will be a laser show onto the church and once the carnival on The Green has closed at 8:00 pm the local pubs will have more entertainment to continue the fun into the night.Other events taking place over the Jubilee weekend includes the national beacon lighting on The Green. 

We are encouraging everyone to organise local front garden parties around the village on Sunday the 5th June.

We have tried to make the weekend affordable with subsidised ticket prices and as ever reasonable food and drink prices.If you haven’t yet seen the Carnival Website – go to to find out more.We would like to thank everyone involved in making this event possible, including The National Lottery, Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council, Woodchurch Parish Council and all of you for your support.